Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cat Cafe

We had heard that there were such things as "cat cafes" here in Korea soon after we arrived. Excited by the prospect, though doubtful that one existed  in our city, we looked forward to a chance to hang out with cats while drinking americanos.

We were wandering the downtown area this last Saturday and stumbled upon a cute little cafe called 1944...with cats peering at us from the windows!

I (Dori) was having a melancholy day but these guys provided a much needed pick-me-up. There is just something about petting and holding an animal that makes one feel at peace.

The chair was a bit ragged but Caleb said it was incredibly comfortable. The cat below didn't have much interest in us and seemed a bit upset that we had lifted her off her seat.
We spent a lovely hour with these guys and will definitely be returning.

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  1. Is that Perelandra that Dori is reading? One of my favorites!