Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19 February 2014

A quick story...
The other day C and I were sitting at a bus stop after work. It was about nine in the evening and we were both happy to hunch over our respective books during the twenty minute wait for our ride. I happened to cough while sitting on the bench, thanks to a cold that has been persistent since soon after our arrival. However, instead of the cough just trailing off into the darkness I received an echo cough! I looked up and found that it had been from a little boy about five years old; he was standing nearby with his hand over his mouth, just like me, staring curiously and wondering what I would do in response. When I said hello, he smiled and ran behind his mother, peeking back at me from between her legs. Many children here are unabashedly curious about our Western appearance and it has been fun to interact with them. This little one was bashful, but after encouragement from the mother, we managed to exchange halted pleasantries before their bus arrived.

Who knew? Coughs sometimes make the best conversation starters.

We had our first experience at a Korean Barbecue restaurant a few days ago. Some co-workers took us there after the opening of our new school. We sat on the floor and were brought different types of meat to grill on the open pit in the center of the table. It was delicious.

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  1. I was just asking Anna tonight if they use chopsticks in Korea. Question answered. We looked at your neighborhood I Dong tonight on Google maps.