Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Wedding

We're finally getting around to reviewing our wedding photos and figured our blog was the simplest way to share them with others. Many thanks go to Cam Matteson for photographing throughout the day.

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When Caleb and I became engaged and started planning our wedding, we knew from the start that we wanted something simple. Caleb envisioned us getting married in the middle of a field, surrounded by friends and family. I wanted something that would allow for simplicity and low levels of stress. With those ideas in mind, we decided to get married in the Elkhart Conservation Club, which is a beautiful patch of woods adjacent to my parents' backyard. Undeterred by the threat of cold and snow that comes with a December wedding, we opted for an outdoor ceremony and picked out a beautiful spot nestled between trees near the creek (and close to the bench where Caleb proposed).

In the photograph above you can see one of the "firepits" that Caleb and Bud (my father) constructed. We were so grateful for the warmth they provided during the ceremony. In the background is the cabin where we spent the afternoon eating, drinking, singing, and celebrating.

 Walking down the "aisle"

Caleb's uncle, Alan Jacobus, officiated the ceremony.

 During the ceremony we sang the hymns, How Great Thou Art and The Doxology


When Alan and I teased Caleb for crying during the vows, he responded by mentioning that I had a big tear running down my cheek during the entire ceremony.
Guilty of a tear, as charged.