Friday, May 9, 2014


This last weekend was a luxurious four days long thanks to Children's Day (a Korean holiday honoring children) and Buddha's Birthday falling on a consecutive Monday and Tuesday. We had been wanting to make it up to Bogyeongsa, a temple and string of waterfalls north of Pohang, for quite a while and the extended weekend was the perfect opportunity. There is a bus that regularly makes the trip, but is quite a long ride. Instead, we were able to ride along with some friends who have a car and made a lovely afternoon of it. (Thanks, Sean and Kristina!)

We visited on Buddha's birthday so there was quite a crowd of people around the temple area. We made a beeline for the trail, and soon after veered from the walkway to freestyle it in the riverbed. This was probably the best decision we could have made because we had the river and the rocks to ourselves most of the time, rather than sharing the narrow trails. 

There are twelve waterfalls along this portion of the river, some larger than others. We had a great time climbing up the waterfalls, hopping rocks, and dreaming of summer days when it will be warm enough to plunge head-first into the water.

Behind Caleb is the bridge the leads to a view of the largest waterfall.

There is a guardrail that halfheartedly keeps visitors from climbing nearer the falls. Of course, we ignored it.

On our way back down the trail.

We had a gorgeous day and can't wait to go back!

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