Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rain and Stuffed Animals

It's been a while since we've updated, though not too much has been going on around here. We're continuing to adjust to the little things that are different here in Korea. We've gradually widened our cooking repertoire in our oven and microwave free kitchen, explored more and more parts of the city, and are feeling more and more at home.

It has been a beautiful spring, though we are occasionally bothered by something called "yellow dust." This dust falls from the sky, coating cars, streets, and the floors near open windows with a fine yellow coating. We've read that the dust is a combination of pollen, sand blown over from the Gobi desert, and pollutants from factories in China. On bad days, it feels oppressive and the air is hazy. Thankfully, we had a solid three days of rain last week that seemed to settle the dust and clear the air.

Caleb has a great rain jacket that keeps out the rain during our walks to work, but I don't have a good hooded rain coat. Instead, I just borrow the detachable hood from my winter coat and pair it with my lightweight spring jacket, amusing Caleb to no end. He insisted on taking my photo...
By the way, this photo shows that street directly outside our apartment building. There are quite a few other foreigners that live in the building right across the street, and we have just about every convenience we need within a ten minute walk. 

The photo below was taken in a restaurant a couple blocks from our apartment. For some reason they have several huge stuffed animals displayed throughout the dining room that captured Caleb's precious.

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